Finding The Magic Within

 Teaching Self-Care & Self-Regulation -  Vacation Care  Program

The session starts with active and energetic moves leading to Roushini narrating and children interacting with the brilliant story The Magical Rainbow Inside You.

Through simple and fun steps, children will  teach children about self-care and self-regulation. 

To re-enforce the valuable messages, children are involved into a variety of colourful hands-on activities. The session finishes with interactive games and rainbow colour splash.

Age/Stage Appropriateness:  5-12 Years. - Boys & girls are successfully involved.

Duration:  vacation Care2 hours.   After-schoool - 1 hour session. 

Cost: Minimum flat rate $450 for 30 children.  Over 30, $12 per child.  Maximum per session: 80 children.

After School Cost: $350 Flat Rate.

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