The Magical Rainbow Inside You Story.
Seven Tribes = Seven colours = Seven positive messages.

The presentation starts with energetic moves followed by Roushini introducing the Tribal Kids Club through The Magical Rainbow Inside You story.

Seven Tribes = Seven colours = Seven positive messages.
Children will work TOGETHER to  belong to a tribe (group). Each tribe will  learn about their unique colour linked to a positive quality to learn and share with others. 

Jam packed with physical activities and  active games, this interactive session teaches children about self-care and self-regulation in a fun-filled manner.

The main goal is to nourish children's  overall health and well-being plus teach them to accept, respect own self and each other.  

For  optimum learning this presentation is highly recommended as a weekly or fortnightly session.  Please discuss with Roushini. 

Duration; 2 hours. Boys & Girls Prep-Yr 6 are successfully involved. 

Vacation Care: 10-12 and 1.30-3.30pm.

Cost: 30 children and under, flat rate of $450 applies. Over 30, $12pp Maximum 80 participants.

Buy - Printed Book,   Download E-Book  Audio - Download free posters.

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