Introduction To Playful Meditation for Vacation Care

The session will start with involving participants in an interactive movement followed by  introduction to Playful Meditation  presented through a brilliant story:
The Magical Rainbow Inside You.

Roushini takes children on a journey to find individual colour of the rainbow inside  our body and learn how each colour helps us. To synchronise and re-enforce the messages from the story, the session continues with involving children into re-creating the story, rehearsing  and presenting to the whole group. The session finishes with games and sharing learning experiences.

As well as meditation/ mindfulness, this valuable resource also promotes literacy, cultural learning and positive self concepts including - self care, impulse control, self regulation, positivity, kindness, acceptance and compassion.

Age/Stage Appropriateness:  3-12 Years. - Boys & girls are successfully involved.

Duration: 2 hours.          After-schoool - 1 hour session. 
Cost: Minimum flat rate $450 for 30 children.  Over 30, $12 per child.  Maximum per session: 80 children. After School Cost: $350 Flat Rate.

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Introducing The Magical Rainbow Inside You

Playful Meditation for  Kids & Teachers

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