A Traditional Indian Story

I was brought up in a three generation Indian home where story telling was an everyday event. My grandparents and parents loved telling the old traditional stories which was always told in action-packed gestures. When the story finished, I wanted them to tell me another story. 

Well, I have definitely inherited  my ancestors story-telling gift however I went one step ahead and wrote two storybooks,  I understand some children may not have experienced childhood story-telling therefore I want them to enjoy this wonderful tradition. 

The Magical Rainbow Inside You  and My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow colourful story books definitely provides  parents and teachers options to read or implement  both stories in an interactive, drama format to involve all the kids. 

Both stories is derived from a traditional Indian philosophy known as chakras. The word chakra is from traditional (Indian) Sanskrit language, which means wheel or circle.  It is believed that everyone has these spinning energy centres inside their body. When we become aware and learn how to keep our charka energy flowing in harmony with our body, it is believed to have positive impact on our  physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. Just the way we can't see the air yet we believe there is air that we breathe to keep us alive,  so there is charka - natural energy vessels inside our body to keep us healthy and happy from inside out.