The Magical Rainbow Inside You

48 page colourful book with illustration

Story From Indian Tradition

The Magical Rainbow Inside You storyis derived from a traditional Indian philosophy known as chakras. 
The word chakra is from traditional (Indian) Sanskrit language, and means wheel or circle.
It is believed that everyone has these spinning energy centres. Charkas are natural vessels inside our body.
When we learn how to keep our charka energy flowing in harmony with our body, it is believed to have positive impact on our 
physical, mental, emotional health and well being.

There are seven chakra locations inside our body. Starting at the spine through to the top of the head. 
Each location has its own unique colour with a unique, special task to nourish and keep our body healthy from the inside out. 

This resource is mindfully created in simple, easy to understand language for children, however it is a valuable creation for all ages 
to learn about chakras and meditation.

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