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Fantastic resource with positive lessons to empower children through learning about sense of self. I agree with Roushini that we need to teach about self-care & self-regulation from a younger age. I highly recommend this valuable resource to all teachers and parents and everyone working with kids.”.”
Karen Bishop,
Early Childhood Educator

"I had no idea what Charka meant. What a fantastic infusion of two Indian wisdom for children to learn at younger age. Bullying is still a big issue for children's mental & emotional health therefore this book definitely a must have resource.  I have seen Roushini's presentations She really knows how to involve boys and girls in The Magical Rainbow Inside You Story. My students understand the messages very well"

Carmen Ross:
Year 3 Teacher Education QLD.

While attending Professional Development presentation by Roushini : How to teach children about self-care & self-regulation from a younger age – She made the session simple, practical and easy for us to understand. I have gained so many ideas as how to nurture children's mental, emotional, physical & social health & well-being.

A must have resource and PD for parents, teachers & everyone working with children

.Casey Miller:
Children’s Advocate
QLD Health

"I have 4 very active kids. I have tried teaching them about being Caring & Kindness to self however it has been challenging to get them to understand. I am so impressed with The Magical Rainbow Inside You story - it is simple, easy, practical concept for me to understand and get my children involved. I highly recommend this book to all parents..”

Michelle Baker:
Full Time Mum