Introduction To Playful Meditation for Teachers & Parents

How parents and teachers can work together to involve children into Playful meditation?

Find out how to:-

Utlilse the book and the resources?
Synchronise learning from home to school/Kindy and vice-versa?
Re-enforce the valuable messages through variety of hands on  activities?
Empower and Equip children so they can practise Playful Meditation by self? 
Complement literacy and culutural learning?
Utlise in conjunction to the Safe and Supportive School Communities and The Bullying No Way policies plus with the National Mental Health in Education Framework?

As well as meditation/mindfulness, this valuable resource also promotes literacy and positive self concepts including - self care, impulse control, self regulation, positivity, kindness, acceptance and compassion.

Appropriateness: Teachers working with 3 to 12 Years. Parents with 3-12 Years old. Grandparents and other individuals working with children.  

Duration: . Minimum 3 hours. Maximum whole day. 

At Your Venue: Please discuss with Roushini the day and time suitable for you.

Cost:  Ask for quotation.

Organised by Roushini: Please view Playful Meditation Facebook Page for upcoming events.

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