Introduction To the Tribal Kids Club Program

 How to Empower & Educate children to BELONG and WORK TOGETHER  to learn about self-care and self-regulation.  



Step 1: Self-Care First - Your Wellness Matters workshop is highly recommended before this workshop. This empower participates with self-care knowledge and information.    CLICK HERE.

Step 2: How to teach children self-care & self-regulation?

Interactive workshop shares information and knowledge as how to teach

children to:

  • Belong and work together - as per the Tribal Kids Club program.
  • Empowerment and engage them to self-care & self-regulate.
  • Imagination - Meditation - mindfulness
  • Self-acceptance and respect.
  • Accepting and respecting others.
  • To take responsibility about own actions and behaviours. 
  • Work in harmony with each other.
  • Establish new habits. 
  • Stop bullying and other anti-social behaviours. 
  • Synchronise the learning from school to home. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with practical knowledge, information, resources and activity ideas to continue teaching and re-enforcing self-care and self-regulation for children.

With reference,  this workshop corelates with:-

  • Primary school - Health and well-being Framework.
  • Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework. 
  • My Time: Our Place: Framework for School Age Care. Safe and Supportive School Communities.
  • The Bullying No Way policies. 
  • The National Mental Health in Education Framework

Duration:  2-3 hours.   Time options: Your choice.  Date: Your choice.  Venue: Your choice  Cost: Please request for quotation.

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