How to teach children about self-care & self-regulation from a younger age?



Interactive workshop shares information and knowledge as how to 

  • Teach children about sense  of SELF.
  • Teach children about self-care & self-regulation from a younger age.
  • Teach children to accept, respect and appreciation their body.
  • Establish new habits in children.
  • Engage and empower children to practise mindfulness & meditation
  • Utilise The Magical Rainbow Inside You & My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow books & resources.
  • Create simple, practical & easy resources.
  • Involve parents/guidance and work together.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be  equipped with practical knowledge, information, resources and activity ideas to continue teaching children about sense of SELF.

With reference,  this workshop corelates with:-

  • Primary school - Health and well-being Framework.
  • Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework. 
  • My Time: Our Place: Framework for School Age Care. Safe and Supportive School Communities.
  • The Bullying No Way policies. 
  • The National Mental Health in Education Framework

Presenter: Roushini (Founder, Creator & Author) 
Duration:  2 hours.   Time options: Your choice.  

Date: Your choice.  Venue: Your choice  Cost: Please request for quotation.

Other PD options 

  • Self-Care First - Your Wellness Matters
  • Bring back the art of story-telling Click Here.

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