My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow

My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow is a multi-learning book created to share a mother and child's on-going loving, caring and nurturing bond. Mummy is the super hero who will find special ways to keep her child happy, healthy and safe. 

The story concept is derived from traditional Indian philosophy called Charka - healing colours believed to be found on our body.  Apart from parental bonding, the main goal is to have a positive impact on children's mental and emotional health & well-being.

This colourful and educational resource is a fantastic introduction for children to learn about their body, express emotions, learn about colours and their surroundings. A wonderful creation for parents, grandparents and educators/teachers to enjoy  a LAP Time,  NAP Time or Group time story.

Age/Stage Appropriateness: Babies to 6 years.
Recommended foundation literacy - home & school
Recommended health & wellness guide for parents & teacher

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Format: A4 Portrait
Print Length: 36 pages
Publisher: Self Published
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Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-6482948-1-8

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