The Magical Rainbow Inside You.

Teaching children sense of SELF.
Enhances Children's mental, emotional, physical & social Health & Well-being
The presentation will start with energetic moves leading to settling to calmness. 

Participants will be involved in the interactive presentation of The Magical Rainbow Inside You Story.  
To re-enforce the messages, the session will continue with children having FUN & PLAY.  The presentation will  finish with Roushini sharing ideas with educators as how to continue enhancing children's sense of SELF through The Magical Rainbow Inside You Story.

Age/Stage Appropriateness:  Boys & girls 3-5 Years are successfully involved.

Duration: 45-60 Minutes.

Weekly presentation available - Ask Roushini.

Minimum Cost $350 for up to 50 children. Extra child @ $7 each.

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Live Presentation for 3 -5 Years Old


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