The Magical Rainbow Inside You Story With Dress-up

Children's Health & Well-being Matters

The presentation starts with energetic Bollywood moves followed by Roushini introducing  The Magical Rainbow Inside You story with dress-up

Jam-packed with positive messages, physical activities and mindfulness, this interactive session guides children as how to BELONG and to  work TOGETHER to care for their one and only BODY.  Apart from teaching children to care for their health and well-being and to express their emotions, children are also involved into a traditional Indian story and cultural experience.

With reference, this presentation corelates with:-

  • The Early Years Learning Framework. 
Boys and girls will be involved.

Age/Stage: 3-5 years.     

Duration: 45-60 Minutes.

Minimum Cost $350 for up to 50 children. Extra child @ $7 each.

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