Tribal Kids Club

Seven Tribes = Seven colours = Seven positive messages.

The presentation starts with energetic moves followed by Roushini introducing the Tribal Kids Club through My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow

Jam-packed with positive messages, physical activities, meditation and mindfulness, this interactive session is created to EMPOWER and to EDUCATE children as how to BELONG to a tribe (group) and to  work TOGETHER. To learn about their unique qualities and share with each other. Apart from cultural learning, this concept  complements children's health & well being. 

With reference, this presentation corelates with:-

  • Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework. 
  • The Bullying No Way policies. 
  • The National Mental Health in Education Framework

Suitable for 3-5 years.     Duration: 45-60 Minutes.

Minimum Cost $350 for up to 50 children. Extra child @ $7 each.

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