What is Playful Meditation for Kids

Created to be simple, practical and easy to access as printed version and ebook for adults to engage children into the art of meditation/mindfulness in a playful manner.

The messages in the The Magical Rainbow Inside you book is relevant for all ages. 

Founder, creator, author and presenter, Roushni likes to emphasize that the term MEDITATION in her book and during presentation is NOT a religious practice, it is a life skill, that everyone has the right to learn. 

As well as meditation/mindfulness, this educational resource also promotes literacy, positive behavior and cultural learning."With reference, It supports the Safe and Supportive School Communities and The Bullying No Way policies plus can be utilised in conjunction with the National Mental Health in Education Framework around Australia and internationally.

About Roushini

Roushini has over thirty-five years of experience working with children, teachers and parents. 

A mum of two adult daughters, she has committed over two and half years researching, understanding and trialing the ancient Indian philosophy called Charkas.  She has mindfully re-created the valuable messages from this concept into a practical, simple, easy to understand language, with her first self-published  book, Playful Meditation For Kids - The Magical Rainbow Inside.

Roushini believes that adults play a very important role in children's life. when a group of adults work together to raise them with love care and positive attention, children thrive, grow and glow.

Through this valuable resource, live and online presentations, Roushini is ready  to share her knowledge, experience and passion as how adults can engage children into meditation/mindfulness in a  playful manner and how they can equip children with skills so they can practise on a daily basis.  Roushini is Based in Brisbane. Travels Around  Australia and Overseas. 

More Information about Roushini please visit:-   www.roushini.com     www.myvillagelife.guru