The Magical Rainbow Inside You story: Teaches children about self-care and self-regulation from a younger age. 

This concept complements children's emotional and social health & well-being.  Learning Topics:

  • Caring 

  •  Kindness

  • Happiness

  • Loving

  • Using Positive words 

  • Making good Choices

  • Gratitude 

This valuable cultural resource also teaches children as how to:-

  • Be resilient.

  • Embrace their positive qualities.

  • Stop bullying and other anti-social behaviours.

  • Meditate and become mindful.

  • Enhance their Imagination, creative skils, literacy and numeracy 

Available Now:-   Printed book, ebook, ibook and audios for 3-5 & 5-12 Yrs.  Tailored presentations for children. Workshops for teachers, educators & parents.

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Namaste & Welcome.

My name is Roushini.  As a cultural collaborator and professional artist, I have over thirty-five years experience working with children, teachers/educators and families. Mum of two adult daughters and first time grandma, I believe it is important to teach children self-care & self-regulation from a younger age.

 I have self-publish my first book: The Magical Rainbow Inside You. The concept in this book is adapted from the traditional Indian philosophy; Charka and Mahatma Gandhi's message "Be the change, you want to see in the world". I believe children can create new habits through guidance, support and repetition.

I am Based in Brisbane. Travel around  Australia,  including regional and remote schools and Overseas.  More Information about me please visit: