Playful Meditation For Kids Publications.

The Magical Rainbow Inside You is the first book published by the Playful Meditation For Kids publications.  A multi-learning resource is created and published by cultural collaborator, professional artist and author, Roushini; to teach children self-care and self-regulation from a younger age. 

Through guidance,  interaction and repetition,  children will learn:

  • Simple & fun steps to self-care & self-regulation. 

  • Clear understanding about self.

  • To be  resilient.

  • To acknowledge and express their emotions plus re-direct their  behaviour. 

  • Embrace their positive qualities.

  • To meditate and become mindful.

  • To enhance literacy, numeracy & cultural learning.

Available Now:- In colourful printed version,  ebook and ibook.

Coming Soon:- Audio, Apps, Dual Braille. ebraille and Auslan DVD & Audio and resources. 

Live Presentations available now:

Workshops for teachers, educators,  parents including stalkholders working with children. 

Tailored presentation for: 3 -5 years including First5Years library Program. Prep - Y6 and OSHC ( Holiday Program & After-school). 

About Roushini

Roushini is the founder of the Playful Meditation for kids publications: Teaching children self-care & self-regulation from a younger young. 

With over thirty-five years of experience working with children & mum of two adult daughters , Roushini has re-created the valuable messages from the traditional Charka knowledge and Mahatma Gandhi's message "Be the change, you want to see in the world", into a simple and fun concept in her first self-published book: The Magical Rainbow Inside You. 

Now more then ever before, children need to learn about self-care and self-regulation. Mutli-learning manual is a must have resource for parents, teachers and educators .

Roushini is Based in Brisbane. Travels Around  Australia and Overseas.  More Information about Roushini please visit: