Tribal Kids Club: Children's Health & Well-being Matters

The Magical Rainbow Inside You is an inspirational and educational book created for children to learn as how to care for their ONE and ONLY Body and Mind. To demonstrate how to  utilise this resource as part  of children's health and well-being program, the author; Roushini has created Tribal Kids Club Progam. 

With reference,  the teaching from The Magical Rainbow Inside You story and the Tribal Kids Club Program  corelates with:-

  • Primary school - Health and well-being Framework.
  • The Bullying No Way policies. 
  • The National Mental Health in Education Framework
  • Framework for School Age Care. 
  • The Early Years Learning Framework.

Learning  Outcomes: 

  • Quality social  skills:To belong and to work together
  • Enriched mental and emotional wellness: Positive & feel good  messages
  • Enjoyment of physical activities: Play & Ability based.
  • Enhanced cognitive development: imagination, concentration, questioning,  problem solving
  • Diversity: cultural learning and experience. 

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My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow shares a very special bond between mother and the child.  In this culturally infused story, mummy finds special ways to keep her child happy, healthy, safe and well. The interactive story is a fantastic introduction for children to learn about their body and expressing  emotions. 

With colourful illustration, this book makes a wonderful first reader that can be enjoyed during LAP Time, NAP Time, Group Time,  Rest Time or Anytime.

Age/Stage Appropriateness: Babies to 6 years.


  • The Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming: 
  • The strategies and plans: A great start for all children
  • Early foundation Literacy for school and home.

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Author and presenter, Roushini lives in Brisbane and travels around  Australia and Overseas. about roushini