Namaste -Hello

My Name is Roushini. I am the founder, creator and presenter of Tribal Kids Club: Children's Health & Well-being Matters. My goal is to Teach and to Empower children as how to nurture and nourish their ONE and ONLY Body. 
Through The Magical Rainbow Inside You story, I have created an interactive, fun and educational incursion to guide children to Belong and Work Together and learn how to Self-care & Self-regulate.
Through Healthy Mind + Healthy Heart = Happy Body Concept, I am creating A-Z Healthy Habits for children. More Information Coming Soon
  Free   clips below:   Children can watch it by themself or with adults. Adults also can watch it first then share with the children. 
Coming Soon  
  • Busy Bear Learning about Self-Care
  • Bossy Rabbit Learning about Self-Regulation