The Magical Rainbow Inside You  story teaches children about sense of self. 

Each page guides children as how to self-care and self-regulate. The multi-learning resource delivers positive messages to compliment children's mental,  emotional,  physical and social health & well-being.  Children will learn to appreciate, respect and accept their body.  With repetition, children will create new habits which will empower them to STOP bullying and other anti-social behaviours.

Suggested Age & Stage: 3- 5 Yrs & 5-12 Years
Parent, teacher/educator and professionals working with children - you know the children's learning ability therefore implement the messages from the story  as per their comprehension and  learning ability. 

The National Quality Framework: Ensures the safety, health and wellbeing of children.
The Education Departments safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment for all students.
The responsible Behaviour Plan: toolkit of behaviour management strategies. 
The strategies and plans - A great start for all children
Early foundation Literacy for school and home.

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My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow is a multi-learning book created to share a mother and child's on-going loving, caring and nurturing bond. Mummy is the superhero who will find special ways to keep her child happy, healthy and safe. 

The cultural story concept concentrates on parental bonding with the main goal to have a positive impact on children's mental and emotional health & well-being.

This colourful and educational resource is a fantastic introduction for children to learn about their body, expressing emotions, colours and their surroundings. 

A wonderful creation for parents, grandparents and educators/teachers to enjoy a LAP Time, NAP Time or Group time story.

Age/Stage Appropriateness: 15 months to 6 years.

The strategies and plans - A great start for all children
Early foundation Literacy for school and home.

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Namaste - Hello

My name is Roushini.  I am a professional artist, cultural collaborator, author and presenter. I have being working with children for over 35 years. 

Mum of two adult daughters and first time grandma, I am passionate to teach children about sense of SELF. I believe children need guidance from adults to learn how to self-care and self-regulate from a younger age.

I have infused two traditional Indian philosophies; Charka and Mahatma Gandhi's message "Be the change you wish to see in the world" into my self-published books - The Magical Rainbow Inside You and My Mummy Tickles My Rainbow.  

Both books are created to compliment children's  mental,  emotional,  physical and social health & well-being.

I am Based in Brisbane. Travel around  Australia and Overseas Including regional and remote areas. For further Information about me visit