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The Magical Rainbow Inside You is the first book published by the Playful Meditation For Kids publications.  A multi-learning resource is created  by cultural collaborator, professional artist and author, Roushini; to teach children self-care and self-regulation from a younger age. 

Through guidance,  interaction and repetition,  children will learn:

  • Simple, easy  & fun steps to self-care & self-regulation. 

  • To be  resilient.

  • Clear understanding about self.

  • To embrace their positive qualities.

  • To acknowledge and express their emotions.

  • To re-direct their challenging behaviour.

  • To stop bullying and other anti-social behaviours.

  • To meditate and become mindful.

  • To enhance literacy, numeracy & cultural learning.

Available Now:- In colourful printed version,  ebook, ibook,  Dual Braille, ebraille and resource kit.

Coming Soon:  Audio for 3-5 yrs & 5-12 Yr, English & Auslan Online streaming & Apps.

Live Presentations available now:

  • Workshops for teachers, educators and  parents.
  • T ailored presentation for  3 -5 years, Prep - Y6 and OSHC.  

Namaste & Welcome.

My name is Roushini. 

With over thirty-five years of experience working with children and mum of two adult daughters, I believe it is important to teach children self-care & self-regulation from a younger age

In my first self-published book: The Magical Rainbow Inside You, the valuable messages are simple, easy and practical for children to learn and follow. With repetition, new habits will be established which will compliment their overall well-being.

The concept in this book is from the traditional  Charka  knowledge and  Mahatma Gandhi's  message "Be the change, you want to see in the world".

I am Based in Brisbane however I do travel around  Australia and Overseas.  More Information about me please visit: